Metrorex invests 145 ml euros in underground connection to City Ring Line

Metrorex Underground Company invested 145 million euros for the construction of the segment Nicolae Grigorescu – the City Ring Line, so that starting this winter, the Bucharest underground network will have yet another four stations, the Company's spokesperson Mariana Petre said on Aug. 28.
Mariana Petre specified that the technological tests will start in November and the segment will be opened for traffic as soon as the signaling equipment is installed and the citizen information campaign is completed.
"Works were abandoned in 1989 and submerged under water, so that the tunnels had become the site for speleology research, biologists even found a mollusk species here. The place was also used for fishing and even divers trained in the tunnels," said Metrorex representative Denis Panait.
Now the water was drained and the underground stations – equipped with lifts for disabled persons and restrooms – display their modern design finishings.
"Walls were coated with water-resistant composite material plates graffiti can easily be removed from. Each station has lifts and restrooms (…) Finishings are modern and can match any other underground station in Europe," said Dan Doican, project chief for two of the stations.

According to Metrorex representatives, ridership in Nicolae Grigorescu – one of the stations with the heaviest traffic of the Bucharest underground and "1 Decembrie" will reach this winter a daily average of 650,000 passengers; the underground will service the neighborhood along Theodor Pallady Blvd. and the industrial area close to dyes and paints producer Policolor.
The Nicolae Grigorescu – City Ring Line segment is 4.8 km long and has four stations: Nicolae Grigorescu – 1 Decembrie – Policolor and the Ring Line.
The segment was initially due for commissioning at the end of 2007, but financing from the European Investment Bank – which supplied financial support for the construction – did not come in due time.
Once the four stations are commissioned, the Capital City's underground will have a total length of 67 km divided along four mainlines with 49 stations and three depots. This November, the Bucharest Underground celebrates 29 years of existence, as the first stations were opened on Nov. 16, 1979. Following the demographic development of Bucharest and surface trafic jams, preliminary studies were conducted over 1972 – 1975 for the construction of the underground; the first 8 km long segment on the Semanatoarea – Timpuri Noi route was commissioned in 1979.
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