Business and women’s sites are sold out

Romanian sites sell only 10% of available advertising space, less than sites in European countries, due to a different pricing system and the low level of Romanian online advertising market.
According to specialists, sold out spaces exist where demand exceeds supply. The sites with high traffic have problems covering the advertising space, requiring a significant advertising budget to use all available space (the client pays for every 1,000 ad postings).
"The monthly volume of posts made on is 21 million, which is hard to sell. The budgets available in Romania are not sufficiently large to cover all the space: sold out on means €300,000 a month, some 2% of the total online advertising budgets for 2008, in a market estimated to be worth €15 million," Gabriel Boaca, Sales Manager at Boom told Business Standard.
Romanian publishers prefer to tax a banner for 1,000 posts (CPM), which brings a guaranteed income, according to Orlando Nicoara, General Manager of MediaPro Interactiv, largest online publisher in Romania.
Nicoara added that the low use of the pricing system, which requires user interaction, is conditioned by the low level of development of the Romanian e-commerce market.
Online advertising is more significant on niche sites. "They have reduced traffic, meaning fewer posts per page, so these are easily covered with advertising. Advertiser interest is higher," added Boaca. Business and women's sites are sold out.
Boaca also indicated that publishers should focus more on marketing, pre-sales and branding to increase advertising on their sites.
Nicoara said that several MediaPro Interactiv niche sites have been sold out for several months.

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