CEZ to carry out 1.1-billion-euro wind power project in Dobrogea

Czech energy group CEZ has acquired a 600 MW wind power project from Continental Wind Partners developed in the Romanian Black Sea province of Dobrogea and it will earmark more than 1 billion euro for project developing, according to a CEZ press release.
CEZ and Continental Wind Partners LLC (CWP), an important renewable energy project developers, have finalised the sale of two wind power units owned by CWP at Fantanele and Cogealac.
The two units will make up the largest wind farm in Europe, with a capacity of 600 MW, representing almost double the expansion possibilities of the current largest European wind farm, and almost three times the largest operational wind farm in Europe. Total project costs are put at 1.1 billion euro.
The farm should become operational by the end of 2009. In the second stage of construction, scheduled to complete by the close of 2010, the farm should generate 252.5 MW. Construction proper starts next week. The wind speed in the area is excellent and the farm is carefully designed to minimise the negative impacts on the environment. When ready and fully operational, the wind farm will provide some 30% of renewable energy in Romania. This is the first important wind farm project in Romania, where the entire wind energy currently generated is standing at just 7 MW.

Fantanele and Cogealac are located north of the Black Sea port of Constanta, 17 km away from the Black Sea shores. The project will be commissioned in stages. The first stage of construction is for the generation of 347.5 MW by 139 GE 2,5 xl turbines, 100 m high, with a rotor diameter of 99 m and a capacity of 2.5 MW.
"CEZ says in its press release that this wind farm will strengthen the company's position in Romania and expand its energy generation business. The project has won all the necessary approvals, including guaranteed access to the energy grid, and the hardware needed for the first stage of the projects has been fully contracted.
CEZ President and CEO Martin Roman says investment in renewable energy sources is one of the strategic measures the company is taking in reply to the clime and energy policy of the European Union. To the same end, the company is focused on expanding it production portfolio of electric power plant running on gas and nuclear-power plants, thus using other means to achieve or targets of reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
CWP will manage the construction of the wind farm and the construction works are expected to be carried out by famous international constructors. All the technical details of the project (transformers, cables, etc.) are secured for the works and arrived on the site in time for the works to begin on schedule.
CWP was established in 2006 as a provider of funds for wind farm projects in Romania and Poland. The group has then extended to include Australia and New Zealand. The CWP portfolio counts wind energy assets capable of generating 4,500 MW that have reached various stages.
CEZ is a leading energy distributor in Europe, with almost seven million clients and a portfolio of installed power in excess of 14, 3000 MW. Its market capitalisaton is put at over 30 billion euros.
CEZ shares are floated on the bourses in Prague and Warsaw. Besides its main establishment in the Czech Republic, the CEZ group is also operational in ten Central and South-Eastern European countries.
In Romania, CEZ distributes and supplies electricity to 1.4 million users.
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