Domestic media market worth 590 million euros in 2008

After an increase on the media market of 32% in 2007, he local media market is estimated to grow 22% in 2008, up to 590 million euros, of which the television segment will make up 385 million euros, printed media 90 million euros, outdoor 70 million euros, radio 38 million euros, and the online segment 15 million euros, according to Initiative media, marketing and digital company.
The estimations, presented by Business Standard daily on Aug. 28 show that the growth rate is slowing, as the market is maturing.
On the advertising segment, net expenses will increase 23-24% in 2008. The growth rate will temper to 5-8% in the coming years.
Television remains Romania's strongest media channel, with 66% of the total advertising revenues, or 383-385 million euro, according to Interactive. In spite of lower audiences, radio advertising is expected to increase by 26%.
On the print segment, large media groups will continue expanding, through acquisitions and new products, while print publications will become more visible online. This year's general elections will add to the advertising growth, as Initiative estimates a 10% increase in net advertising investments.
Initiative estimations as regards the online segment will have less earnings from advertising, as the agency estimates websites will attract only 15-16 million euros in advertising. In 2007, some 71% of the budget allotted to the Internet was spent on banners, 24% on special projects and 4% on e-mail marketing campaigns. The main online advertisers are the telecom, car, banking and IT segments.
Cosmetics (480 million euro), hair care products (434.8 million), finance-banking and insurance services (423 million), mobile telecommunication services (349.9 million) and beer (279.1 million) are the most important categories of advertisers in 2007.

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