Gaming market to reach some 15 million euros in 2008

The gaming market, which includes game consoles, games and games accessories, will reach some 15 million euros by the year's end, with Q4 expected to contribute 50% to this value, according to estimates of retailer of electronics, home appliances and IT&C Flamingo International.
In the first half this year, Flamingo International reported 80% growth in the segment of consoles, compared with the same period last year.
Officials of the company said many sales were generated by PlayStation Portable, followed by PlayStation 3 and Play Station 2.
"The rise in the sales of consoles in the first half this year is the natural result of a positive trend registered in the gaming market in Romania. Even if we are below other European markets, the sales so far give us an optimist perspective on the development of this segment of products in Romania, and we are sure that in the coming years we will succeed to reach a pace of growth similar with the European one, " said CEO Flamingo International Jiri Rizek.
When it comes to the games segment, company officials said that in the first half of this year, its growth pace was similar to that last year, the games in highest demand in Romania are God of War 1 and God of War 2 for PS2, Tekken Dark Resurrection for PSP and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and GTO IV for PS3.

Flamingo International launches on Aug. 27 in its stores, the newest version of the games console PlayStation 3, with a hard-disk of 80GB. The retailer expects the sales for the new console to contribute 30% to the total value of console sales, in the last quarter of this year.
Last year, Flamingo International sold 2,000 Sony PlayStation 3 consoles, 3,500 PlayStation Portable consoles, 10,000 PlayStation 2 consoles and some 400 Nitendo Wii units.
For this year, the retailer wants to increase 50% the sales of consoles, it aims at a 35-40% market share, in this segment.
Flamingo International Group has been operating in the market in Romania since 1994, it has been dealing in trade with IT&C products, electronics and home appliances, it now is one of the market leaders.
The strategy of Flamingo Group consists in consolidation of its position in the local market, by extending the chain of Flanco World stores in all the regions of Romania and by continually improving the performance of traditional Flanco and Flamingo Computers stores.
The Flanco World chain includes stores with large selling areas, offering its customers a unique selling experience, due to the variety of the products sold, and to a large range of pre and post sale services. Currently, there are 21 locations of this kind in the most important retail regions of the country.
Set up in 2002, Flamingo Distribution Center is leader of the segment of distribution of IT components in Romania.
Since 2005, Flamingo International Co. has been listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange, being the only company in this industry present in the capital market.
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