Hungarian company Tri Granit to administrate Gold Plazza Complex of Baia Mare

Hungarian company Tri Granit will administrate and exploit the future commercial complex Gold Plazza that will be erected in Baia Mare (northern Romania).
The Austrian investment fund Immoeast which earmarked almost 2.8 billion euros on the Romanian real estate sector is in an advanced stage of negotiation for the establishment of a management contract of Gold Plazza complex of Baia Mare by Hungarian company Tri Granit.
The Hungarian company Tri Granit also ensures the management of commercial centers Polus Centre Cluj (center-west) and Constanta (south-eastern Romania), Armonia of Arad (western Romania) and Euromall of Pitesti (southern Romania) and Galati (eastern Romania).

According to the financial report on the first three quarters of 2008, Immoeast holds in Romania 125 assets with an area to let of 4.7 million square metres. The real value of Immoeast's portfolio, according to the financial report was appraised at 3.38 billion euros.
Immoeast announced that this year the company's investments in Romania will be significantly smaller compared to the previous years.
The Hungarian company Tri Granit unfolds and manages 30 real estate projects in Bucharest, Budapest, Moscow, Zagreb, Warsaw, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Bratislava, Katowice and Cluj.
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