Investment in Caras-Severin approved by Government

In its Aug. 27 meeting the Government approved the techno-economic indicators for an investment of 228.526 million lei (65.1 million euros) for the rehabilitation and expansion of the water supply systems, of the household sewerage in the two cities and six towns of Caras-Severin County (south-western Romania).
According to a press release of the Government, this investment also includes the expansion and modernization of the water treatment ad cleaning stations of the city of Resita.
The work is to be finished by 2010 and the finalization of the project will ensure high quality services as regards the water supply and the sewerage for the citizens of the county. They also ensure the possibility to also connect to the water supply system and sewerage some areas suitable for investments, which have not been used because of the lack of this connection.
67% of the project is financed through the ISPA programme, 8% by the Government and 25% by means of a loan from the European Investment Bank.

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