Over 2 million lei for heat-efficient rehabilitation of blocks of flats in Targu Mures

Director of the Directorate of Heat-efficient Rehabilitation in the Ministry of Development, Public Works and Housing (MDLPL) Gina Petrescu said in Targu Mures (central Romania) on Aug. 25 that the sum of 2,146,478 lei (1 euro = 3.5 lei) has been allocated for the thermic rehabilitation of 18 blocks of flats this year.

"The ministry contributed 34% of the costs in keeping with the law. 143,932 lei was spent for the audit of the 18 blocks of flats included in the programme. In 2007 funds worth 224,217 lei for the design and 115,136 for carrying it out went to Targu Mures. 2,146,478 lei is allocated for work to be carried out," said Gina Petrescu.
So far Targu Mures has seen the inauguration of thermically rehabilitated blocks of flats of the 18 that they have been working on and about 1,400,000 lei of the total of the allocated funds was spent.
The latest rehabilitated block of flats was inaugurated on Aug. 25 by mayor of the city of Targu Mures Dorin Florea and by representatives of MDLPL, which also signed the reception of the work.
Gina Petrescu made it clear during the inauguration that all the blocks of flats subject to heatefficient rehabilitation are to be found on the site of the ministry for people to be able to see what exactly money was spent on.
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