President Traian Basescu receives ambassadors of Italy, Belgium and Finland

President Traian Basescu received on Tuesday, at Cotroceni presidential Palace, ambassadors of Italy, Belgium and Finland, Mario Cospito, Leo D'Aes and Irmeli Mustonen, respectively, who handed their credentials.
The talks with the incoming ambassador of Italy pointed to Romania's interest in the continuous development of the political and economic ties with that country, the Presidential Administration said.
The Romanian head of state voiced confidence that the mission of ambassador Cospito will allow the keeping of bilateral cooperation on the same rising trend.
The Italian ambassador said that one of the priorities of his term in office is Romania's ranking among the first ten economic partners of Italy, he added that, politically, Romania's relevance for the EU, in general, for Italy, in particular, is higher and higher, which has been shown also in the context of recent events in the region, the Presidency said in a press release.
Other topics approached during talks with the Italian ambassador were related to the new legislation adopted by the Executive in Rome on public security, the integration of the Romanian citizens, Roma ethnics included, in the Italian society, the measures taken by Romanian authorities in support of their Italian counterparts in combating crime.

President Basescu insisted on the need of cooperation between the legal institutions of the two countries, he stressed the importance of Italian support for formalization of a European policy of social integration of Roma.
During the talks with the ambassador of Belgium, president Basescu underlined the importance Romania has attached to a balance development of bilateral cooperation in the political, economic and cultural fields.
Topics of interest for the two high officials were the access of the Romanian citizens to the labour market in Belgium and concert ways related to the main aspects of the European and international agenda.
In his talks with Finnish ambassador Irmeli Mustonen, president Traian Basescu underscored the interest of the Romanian party in the Finnish experience in connection with the security of its border, that of the EU, implicitly, with the space out of the EU, the Presidential Administration also said.
Discussed was the result of Finland's activity as chairman-in-office of OSCE, its responsibility during 2008, opinions were exchanged about the effect of the Russian-Georgian conflict.
The Romanian president and the Finnish ambassador also showed interest in the problems of the social-professional integration of Roma, talks on this issue showed the political will of the two states to embark on cooperation at the EU level, in line with a common agreement worded at the European Council and on the basis of future proposals of the European Commission.
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