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Renault investment plan in Romania continues by 200 million euros more in 2009

Renault general manager for Euromed region, including the countries in Eastern Europe and Northern Africa, Christian Esteve said in an interview for the Ziarul Financiar daily that the French group, one of the biggest car builders at world level, will invest in 2009 some 200 million euros more in Romania.
"Renault will make total investment worth 300 million euros, in 2008 and 200 million euros in 2009, in the center Renault Techologie Roumanie, at Titu, southern Romania, in a car plant, which next year will reach a maximum capacity of 400,000 cars, as well as in a new plant, Renault Mecanique Roumanie, at Mioveni, south, " Esteve said in the interview.
The plan of Renault group announced that the opening of the a factory of gear boxes on a platform at Mioveni includes total investment worth 600 million euros in the coming three years.
The investment in the plant at Mioveni will be aimed first at a rise in its production capacity and not in the number of robots in the assembling line.
With the production capacity of the plant at Mioveni reaching 350,000 cars, and being expected to rise to 400,000 cars in 2009, of which some 75% will go to export, Renault considers a rise even higher than this value.
"After 2009, when Dacia plant in Pitesti, southern Romania, will reach a maximum capacity of 400,000 units, we will see if we raise the level after that value," Esteve said among others.
Christian Esteve was Automobile Dacia general manager over 2002-2003.
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