Skoda sales, up 10% in 2008, importer estimates

Sales of Skoda cars in the Romanian market will stand in 2008 at 25,500-26,000 units, up 10% from 2007, estimates Vlad Rusu, manager for Skoda brand with importing company Porsche Romania.
Since the beginning of the year, Porsche Romania has sold in the local market some 17,000 Skoda cars, up 15% from the same period last year, but the importer expects a stagnation in sales in Q4, said Rusu, when the Skoda car number 100,000 was sold.
Since 1998, Porsche Romania has supplied over 100,000 Skoda cars, over 50,000 units in the past two and a half years alone.
The highest sales were reported for Octavia Tour models – 32,000 units, Fabia – 19,000 units and Octavia II – 23,000 units.
Skoda unseated Renault from the first position in the sales of imported cars, and it estimates it will keep the leading position by the year's end.
The sales' engine is Octavia II model, followed by Fabia and Octavia Tour. Diesel engines continue to be on top of the preferences of Skoda customers in Romania, but a tendency is sensed to migrate towards petrol engines, Rusu also said.
Skoda number 100,000, sold on Aug. 26 is a Roomster model, sold so far, in Romania, in some 1,100 units.

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