ANAF draws H1 2008 surplus revenues in excess of RON 3 billion

The National Tax Administration Agency (ANAF) has drawn a surplus exceeding RON 3.166 billion from tax inspections conducted in the first half of 2008, which is 118% over the similar H1 2007 collections, according to data with ANAF.
Tax, rate and contribution differences totaled RON 2.028 billion, while penalties due on them stood at RON 1.138 billion.
At the same time, ANAF inspectors impounded goods worth RON 31.1 million and levied 20,142 fines worth RON 39.1 million.
The largest amounts in additional tax dues came from construction (RON 231.3 million); games of chance and gambling (RON 154.2 million); wood processing (RON 81.8 million); cereals retailing, bread making and milling (RON 81.5 million); fruit and vegetable trading (RON 76 million); waste and recyclable materials (RON 73 million).
In the first half of 2008, 60,934 verifications were conducted, 20,425 of which were partial tax inspections; 11,211 general tax inspections; 19,167 unannounced controls; 2,534 crossing controls and 7,597 on-site investigations.


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