Astra Arad to make passenger carriages for SNCFR

Astra Arad passenger carriages maker of Arad (western Romania) will manufacture 200 airconditioned passenger carriages for the Romanian Railway Company (SNCFR) for both inland and abroad traffic.
The Arad-based carriage maker succeeded to enter into contract with SNCFR and supply 200 air-conditioned passenger carriages, worth 833 million lei (about 237 million euros), VAT included, Astra Company's general manager Valer Blidar told a news release.

The Company expects both the carriages delivered at home and the exports to bring a turnover worth 60 million euros, in 2008, also higher thanks the above mentioned contract, Astra Arad official recently said.
Through the Romanian Commodity Exchange, besides the agreement with Astra Arad carriage maker, SNCFR also signed contracts with Grivita Bucharest railway building and services supplier, the Romanian Railway Group and REMAR Pascani Railway Material Company.
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