Deloitte certifies experts in information security

Consulting company Deloitte is preparing and certifying experts in information security within a six-day programme organised for the first time in Romania, starting October 6, 2008, reads a release of the company.
The course is based on the guide called ''Common Body of Knowledge'', which represents the most complex compilation in the field of information security at world level, with relevance to the experts in the field (IS).
Common Body of Knowledge and the due certificate (Certified Information Systems Security Professional – CISSP) were designed by International Consortium for Certification in the field of Information Security Systems and represents the highest level of confiormation for the ISS experts, proving that they have the necessary knowledge, abilities and capacities to be competent in the field.
''Our initiative is aimed at preparing today's specialists, confronted locally and globally alike with rising number of risks and ever more complex networks. We believe that the obtaining of the CISSP Certificate is an important professional decision. An adequate training programme can be extremely important to the individual and the organisation alike,'' said Radu Herinean, manager Enterprise Risk Services, at Deloitte Romania.

Organised in partnership with ISC, the course will be led by expert John Berti. With an 18-year long experience he implemented over 100 programmes at international level and had the most important contribution in the drawing up of the training guide for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional.
The agenda of the course in Romania includes sections about the Management of Information and Risk Security, Architecture and Design in Security, Access Control, Applications Security, Operations Security, Security of Environment (Physics), Cryptography, Securing Telecommunications and Networks, Planning for Continuity and Recovery in case of disaster, Legal Aspects, Regulations and Investigations.
According to Deloitte, the exam for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional – CISSP last 6 hours and contains 250 questions with multiple choices. The examination will be made by an independent expert for the certification authority Information Security System.
Deloitte provides services to customers of the public and private in professional fields such as audit, taxes, consulting, financial consulting, serving numerous industries.
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