Excessive heat and flooding drives mineral water production by 21%

The production of mineral water increased by 21% in the first seven months of 2008, to 747 million liters, due to excessive heat, and flooding which affected several Romanian counties this summer.
Mihail Ianas, the Executive Manager of APEMIN, the industry's trade union, indicated that production for 2008 was initially estimated at 1.15 billion liters, but that this is likely to reach 1.3 bln liters.
Ianas said that the local market leader is Romaqua Group, with its Borsec brand, and a 35% market share, followed by Dorna Apemin, with a 14% share, and European Drinks, with a 13% market share. "The top six players have an 85% share. There are new companies on the market every year, but their market share does not exceed 1%," Ianas added.

Biborteni mineral water sales increased by over 40% in the first six months compared to H1 2007. Carpatina acquired the Herculane Water bottling company two months ago, to complete its mineral water product portfolio. "The production capacities in Herculane and the volumes extracted from the source will help us to increase annual production to 150 million liters," said Mihai Bratu, President of Lipomin, the company that bought Carpatina in 2006.
The Romanian soft drink market, including mineral water products, reached €900 million last year, and 3 billion liters in volume, according to company data. The market is estimated to be worth some €1 bln this year, informs Business Standard.
Main mineral water producers are Romaqua Group, Bibco Biborteni, Pepsi Americas, Dorna Apemin, owned by Coca Cola HBC, Perla Harghitei and Rio Bucovina.
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