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Fashion House Outlet Center, 90% let

Fashion House Outlet Center, the first outlet center in Romania, an investment worth some 120 million euros, is 90% let, reads a press release of global real estate consultant Cushman & Wakefield.The outlet center is part of a larger development, called West Park, on Bucharest-Pitestimotorway, at km 13, south, belonging to the Belgians from Liebrecht & WooD.
It includes 90,000 rentable sq m, and along with Fashion House, in the project there are also Hornbach, which has already opened this summer a store stretching over 23,000 sq m, Kika fashion retailer, with 29,000sq m rented, and Technomarket, a retailer of electric devices and home appliances, with 6,000 sqm rented. The parking lot of the retail park will include places for some 2,000 cars.

Among the brands to be present in Fashion House Outlet Center, there are Puma, Benetton, Mango, Stefanel, Champion, Levis, Dockers, Fornarina, Timberland, Nautica, Qiuksilver, Diverta, Lee Cooper, Ecco, Steilmann, Camel Active, Leonardo, Bigotti, Cavaliere, Alb si Negru, Ipekyol, BSB, Benvenuti, Jolidon, Optiplaza, Samsonite.
In point of prices, consumers can benefit here from discounts between 30 and 70% compared with other stores, all year long, this is a mandatory condition for the brands in the project.
Fashion House Outlet Center will be opened in two stages, the first stores will be opened on Nov. 26, 2008, they will cover an area of some 16,000 sq m.
The number of potential customers stands at some 3.5 million, they are expected to come from Bucharest and neighbouring areas.

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  1. constanta dumitrescu spune

    Este altceva decat tot ceea ce a aparut pana acum in Romania.
    Este un loc placut de petrecut timpul in mod util.
    Va doresc sa aveti parte de mult succes.

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