First mobile filling stations on Sun Motorway to be ready by end September

First mobile filling stations on the Sun Motorway, linking Bucharest to Constanta, south-eastern Romania, will be fixed no later than a month, spokesman for the National Motorways Company (CNASNR) Stefan Szobotka said on Aug. 26.
"Today, (Aug. 26, e.n.) the building contracts for the fuel stations on the Sun Motorway have been given, and in about a month the first mobile filling stations will be ready, " said Szobotka.
For a start, only Rompetrol can fix the mobile stations on four of the ten spaces for filling stations put up for sale, because it is the only one of the four companies which has won the plots which has signed the building contract with CNASNR."We have signed a contract with CNASNR, and function of the swiftness in providing the space and in getting all the okays, the mobile stations can be fixed in a month, " said general manager Rompetrol Downstream Dan Rosu.

Rompetrol will build the stations at km 88 and 139, Petrom the ones at km 11, and OMV the stations at km 66.
The first plot, at km 49, was won also by OMV, but, according to CNADNR, one of the companies attending the tender for the first plot, Agip, filed an appeal, after the winner was announced.
Five plots have been set for the ten filling stations, two filling stations per plot. The concession will last for at least 29 years.
According to the concession contract, the fixed filling stations have to be finalized six months after the date when the contract is given, so the Sun Motorway will have fixed filling stations at the end of next February.
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