Four retailers register rises of more than 100% in business

Auchan, Real, Kaufland and Plus Discount are the retail chains in Romania which have registered, in this order, the biggest growth in turnover, of more than 100%, with an aggressive extension in retail chains, according to data from the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), economic daily Business Standard writes on Aug. 25.
A record rise, of 636%, was posted by MGV Distri-Hiper, operating the retail chain Auchan. Next comes Real, with a 295% advance, and Kaufland, 162%, and Plus Discount, 125%. The lowest growth pace, of 1.2%, was registered by Billa hypermarket chain.
The segment of hypermarkets was the most dynamic in 2007. The most profitable company was Plus Discount, with a net result of 83.7 million euros, and the highest loss, of 47.4 million euros, was reported by Real hypermarkets.
In the classification of the biggest retail companies in point of turnover, Metro Cash&Carry continued to rank 1st, with 1.59 billion euros, up 11.3% from 2006, the company said.Selgros Cash&Carry, from Rewe Group, ranked 2nd, with 2.741 billion lei in turnover (or 821 million euros), up 27% from 2006. The net profit of the company climbed 20% last year, to 82.3 million lei (or 36.3 million euros), according to the Ministry of Economy and Finance.Carrefour Romania ranked 3rd, with 2.642 billion lei in turnover (or 791.3 million euros, up 33%. The net profit of Carrefour rose seven%, to 82.3 million lei, or 24.6 million euros.
Kaufland posted last year 2.141 billion lei in turnover, or 641.6 million euros, climbing 162% from the previous year. The company started reporting profit in 2007, getting 52.6 million lei, or 15.7 million euros, after the loss of 11 million euros in 2006. Real, the hypermarket division of Metro Group, posted 1.36 billion lei in turnover, or 409 million euros, up 295% from the previous year, but it nevertheless reported the highest loss from the retail companies, of 158 million lei, or 47.4 million euros, more than three times higher than in 2006, because of investment to extend the chain. The company opened six hypermarkets last year.
Plus Discount retailer, from German group Tengelmann, ended last year with 645.2 million lei (or 193.3 million euros) in turnover, up 125%. The company had the highest profitability rate, it got in 2007 a net profit worth 280 million lei (or 83.7 million euros), after almost 0 million lei in loss, in 2006.
Auchan hypermarkets registered 517 million lei (or 155 millin euros) in business in 2007, climbing 636% from 2006. The losses went down from almost 12 million lei (or 3.6 million euros) in 2006, to 2.9 million lei (or 0.8 million euros) in 2007. The average rate of exchange of the Romanian leu currency vs. the euros stood at 3.3373 in 2007, data from Romania's Central Bank said.

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