KFC – 18 million euros in turnover

KFC restaurant chain posted in the first six months this year over 18 million euros in turnover, climbing more than 49% from the same period last year, says a press release of the company.
The financial results announced by the company are largely due to the opening of seven more restaurants. The brand in currently present in the Romanian market with 30 restaurants, employing over 1,200 people.
In a daily average, in all the 30 KFC locations sold are around seven tonnes of food. Annually, in Romania, almost ten million customers buy products processed after a recipe of Colonel Sanders.
KFC chain entered the market in Romania as early as 1996, when a first restaurant opened on the location of a former well-known store, Leonida. The company intends to continue its development in Romania, by entering new towns, where the demand in high.
In the more than ten years since it came into the Romanian market, KFC has made over eight million worth of investment. Some 300,000 euros are necessary to open a new location, the sum varies function of location, position, the number of employees, area.

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