Losses of UCM Resita down fourfold in H1

Machine Building Company (UCM) in Resita (western Romania) reported in H1 of this year losses worth 5.666, about fourfold lower compared to the same period of last year, when they stood at 21.141 million , according to the information sent to the Bucharest Stock Exchange. (BVB).
The company's turnover grew 22.27% in the first six months of 2008, as against the same period of last year, standing at 102.676 million lei.
In the aforementioned period, UCM reported revenues worth 83.762 million lei and spending worth 89.328 million lei.
On June 30, the producer of machines and hydro-energy equipment had to retrieve claims worth 67.256 million lei and to pay debts worth 211.383.
UCM Resita was purchased on December 23, 2003 by a consortium made up of INET AG Switzerland and the Association of Employees UCM Resita. The company's shareholders at present are INET AG with a 96.3880-percent stake, UCM Resita with 0.7029%, AVAS (State Assets Resolution Authority) with a 0.0202-percent stake, companies – legal persons – 2.1706% and individuals – 0.71830%.

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