Parliamentary elections budget – 160 million lei

The government approved on Aug. 27 160 million lei (45.7 million euro) as the budget for the preparation, organization and carrying out of this fall's parliamentary elections.
The government also established the indemnities due for each day of activity for the members of the electoral bureau (66 lei a day per person; 1 euro trades for 3.5 lei), as well as for the computer experts, statistical experts and technical staff involved in the operations related to the activity of electoral bureaus (a daily 50 lei per person).
The money for elections will be supplied from the state budget, the budget Reserve Fund set at the government's disposition through the budget of the Ministry of the Interior and Administrative Reform (MIRA), the Permanent Electoral Authority, the Foreign Ministry, the government's Secretariat general and the Special Telecommunications Service.
According to a government release, the Ministry of the Interior and Administrative Reform will assign to the prefect's institutions the necessary money for the activities related to the preparation, organization and carrying out of parliamentary elections, depending on the funding needs of each county; the money left unspent will be recovered subsequently.

The outlays with the organization and equipping of polling stations abroad and outlays with the equipping and functioning of the Constituency Bureau for the Romanians residing or domiciled abroad will be borne from the Foreign Ministry's budget.
MIRA will procure the paper the voting forms will be printed on, through the National State Reserve Administration; the paper will be then dispatched to the prefectures.
The Ministry of the Interior and Administrative Reform will ensure the manufacturing of the stamps with the "Voted"-imprint and of the self stickers applied on the electors' ID cards; the Ministry will then refer them to the prefect's offices for further distribution to voting stations.
All outlays with the organization and carrying through of this year's parliamentary elections will be performed by credit release authorities, with the periodical information of a Transparency Committee made up of a representative of each parliamentary political party, two NGO representatives and two representatives of the Romanian Press Club.
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