Siemens, Petrom sign contracts worth EUR 6.5 million

The energy division of Siemens SRL, in consortium with Siemens AG on one side, and oil company Petrom on the other side, signed two contracts worth 6.5 million euros for the connection of CCCC Brazi to the National Energy System, Siemens informed on Aug. 28.
Under the project, Siemens will deliver a new station of 400/220 kV to facilitate the feeding of produced energy into the national power grid, it will install two new 400 kV overheads and will expand the Brazi West existing station by yet another two compartments with a view to connecting CCCC Brazi to the national energy system.
The contracts were signed concomitantly on June 26, 2008 and the project's completion is due for April 19, 2010. The first contract is worth 1.5 million euros, the second over 5.1 million euros.
Siemens is Romania's largest supplier of complete solutions for the following activity segments: automation and drives; energy; industrial solutions; building technologies; transportation; medical solutions and IT services; communications and lighting.
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