Ursus beer, 130 years of high-quality production

Beer plant Ursus of Cluj-Napoca (centre-west) celebrated 130 years of continuous activity, being specified in documents for the first time in 1878. The beer of Cluj, of amber colour, was mentioned in documents for more than a century for its special quality.
President of Ursus Breweries Stephan Maria Weber told Agerpres that over the past two years the company reported rises above the market's level and still has potential for the market's growth.
Ursus Breweries, subsidiary of SABMiller, holds four beer plants in Romania, respectively in Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara (western Romania), Buzau (southern Romania) and Brasov (centre) having over 1,500 employees.
''In order to fully meet the demand from the market and to prevent the constraints of capacity, we'll continue investments this year, to increase the overall production capacity up to the level of 6.8 million hectolitres,'' said the president of Ursus Breweries.
At the end of 2007, the turnover reported by Ursus Breweries was of over 928 million lei and at the end of May 2008 the market share of the company was of over 29%.
The exports are not essential to our business, they account for less than 1% from the company's sales and are mainly destined for the communities of Romanian living in the United States, Spain and Italy,'' said Stephan Maria Weber.

The portfolio of Ursus Breweries encompasses at present six brands: Ursus, Timisoreana, Ciucas, Stejar, Peroni, Nastro Azzuro and Pilsner Urquell. In 2007, Timisoreana was internationally recognized being awarded the "Gold Medal" and "Champion Lager Trophy" and considered the best lager beer at the Australian International Beer Awards, the world's second biggest competition of the beer industry.
Ursus Breweries announced organic growth of 22% in the volume of sales in Q1 (April-June 2008) of the taxable year, compared to the same period one year ago. Last summer, Ursus released the alcohol free Ursus beer and in February 2008 the Redd's beer, the first fruit-flavoured beer in Romania.
The main competitor of Ursus Breweries on the Romanian market is company Heineken, which encompasses brands Heineken, Zipfer, Gosser, Scholssgold, Silva, Ciuc and Golden Brau. Heineken reported in 2007, businesses worth 210 million euros, holding a market share of some 31% in Romania.
The local beer market exceeded last year the threshold of one billion euros with a volume of 19.4 million hectolitres, up only 9.6% as against the same period of 2006, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INS).
Last year the beer consumption per capita was of 89 litres, up 9% as against 2006, when Romania had an average consumption per capita of 81 litres per capita.
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