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Vodafone Romania cuts international tariffs by 27%


Starting Sept. 1, Vodafone Romania cuts international tariffs by as much as 27% for the users of the Vodafone Card and for Vodafone 2 in 1 subscribers, reads a company release to Agerpres.Vodafone also launched a new option for the users who want to access the Internet through their cell phone while in roaming, dubbed Passport Date Mobile. The connecting fee per session for Passport European countries is 0.75 euros, VAT excluded, or 0.893 euros, VAT included. For the rest of Passport countries the connecting fee is 1.80 euros, VAT excluded (2.142 euros VAT included). The operator charges a flat rate of just 2 euros per MB of data transfer and session.The Vodafone Passport option for mobile data services is available in 32 countries: Albania, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Finland, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Switzerland, Estonia, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Great Britain, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Sweden, Turkey and Spain. For the rest of the territories, the standard data roaming tariff of 6 euro/MB -VAT excluded – applies with preferred operators, and respectively 8 euro/MB – VAT excluded – with the rest of the operators.Vodafone Romania launched a new promotion for international calls. Thus, between Sept. 1 – Nov. 30, 2008, the tariff for the option Vodafone Europe will be 0.18 euros / minute instead of 0.24 euros / minute. The monthly subscription for the Vodafone Europe option remains 1.5 euros.
International standard tariffs can be slashed by as much as 27%; a call to Europe will be taxed 0.40 euros / minute, instead of 0.55 euros / minute.
On June 30, 2008 Vodafone Romania, the division of Vodafone Group Plc., had 9,256,000 clients. Vodafone is the world's largest mobile telecommunications group, running business divisions in 26 countries and partner networks in another 40 states. At mid-year Vodafone had 269 million clients worldwide.

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