2.16 million lei more for Hadareni Roma integration programme

As much as 2.16 million lei more (or 571.1 thousand euros) go to the budget for a program for community development at Hadareni, Mures County, center of Romania.
So, the Government issued a decision on Aug. 27 on adding 2.16 million lei to the budget of the General Secretariat of the Government, for the National Agency for Roma. The money goes to the financing, in 2008, of a programme of community development in the village of Hadareni, Mures county.
The Government wants to meet its commitments to the EU in the protection of people, of the Roma minority, in particular, by preventing and combating discrimination, boosting the participation of Roma in the economic, social, educational, cultural and political life.
The funds come from a reserve, they are included in the state budget for 2008.
In Sept 1993, an inter-ethnic conflict took place in the village of Hadareni, Mures County, when a Romanian and a Gypsy quarreled, the Romanian was stabbed and died in the middle of the road. The assassin and his brother, who was in a period of temporary release from prison, took refuge in a deserted house.

Villagers, learning about the murder, surrounded the house and set it on fire, in order to make the two get out of it. The author of the murder was caught by the crowd, he was hit by various objects, although the policeman in the village tried to hinder people to do that. The same thing happened to his brother. They were taken to hospital, but died.
After the incident, some 400-500 people, Romanians and Hungarians alike, gathered in the middle of the village. Angry for long at the aggressiveness of the Roma in the village, they went to the Gypsy neighbourhood, where, some 150 Roma were dwelling, in 32 houses. 13 houses were set on fire.
Eleven people were taken to court, with the verdict given in July 1998.
Discontent with the verdict issued in Romania, the families of the three victims and people whose houses were set ablaze took the case to the European Court of Human Rights, ECHR, in 2001.
In 2005, ECHR ordered that the case of the 18 plaintiffs be closed, in consequence of the conclusion of an amiable understanding, and considering that the commitments of the parties involved were a good solution to the case, in conformity with the ECHR standards.
The Romanian Government committed itself to pay the 18 plaintiffs sums between 11,000 and 23,000 euros, in material and moral damages.
A sentence was issued against the Romanian state after the court reached the conclusion that, in the case of the Roma in Hadareni, authorities violated several articles of the European Convention of Human Rights. ECHR said policemen participated in setting houses of the Roma on fire, and next tried to hide that. Considering the late reaction of Romanian authorities and the refusal of Romanian courts to give compensations, ECHR decided that the right of the plaintiffs to family and private life was infringed. The Court said that the ethnic origin of those involved in this case was the main factor in the process, and sanctioned Romanian authorities for discrimination.

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