Electrogrup invests 2.5 million euros in new logistic center

Electrogrup Bucharest company of services for electric grids opened on Aug. 28, a new logistic center in Bucharest, in which it has invested 2.5 million euros, officials of the company said at the opening.
"We estimate that we will end 2008 with some 27 million euros in turnover. Our estimates are based on a rise in the production capacities, on the extension of the coverage area and of a diversification in the company's customers' portfolio," executive manager of Electrogrup Teofil Muresan said.
In the first half of this year, the company posted 15 million euros in turnover, up 250% from the same period last year.
In 2009, the company will open one more logistic center in Timisoara, west, will relocate its headquarters in Cluj, center-western Romania, at Valcele, with the investment standing at four million euros, officials of the company told. The firm will open two more logistic centers in 2010, one in Iasi (east), and one in Brasov, center.Energy projects will be developed in the center in Bucharest, such as re-engineering of stations and transformers, electric installations for buildings, medium-voltage electric installations, industrial parks and residential areas, energy efficiency projects.
The building covers an area of some 1,400 sq m, it includes a hall of over 700 sq m. The hall has production and storage spaces, mechanic workshops and spaces for offices of some 600 sq m.Electrogrup has been operating for 11 years, it has been running projects at national level, in six work points, in Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, Timisoara (west), Iasi, Brasov, and Galati (east). The company offers services of design, construction and maintenance for air and underground grids, transformers, fiber optics grids and mobile telephony sites, energy efficiency projects.

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