Fruit teas pose for over 75% of herbal tea market

Fruit teas currently represent 77.5% of the herbal tea market, by 12.3 million euros, expecting to reach 16 million euros, this year, reads a market survey conducted by Euromonitor Company quoted by the Business Standard daily.
Fruit tea sales are to grow considerably during the years ahead, the total tea market attaining 23.4 million euros in 2012.
"Although Romania has tradition in tea consumption the people drink herbal tea on healthcare purposes only, Euromonitor specialists said. The fruit tea market is dynamic and the consumers preferences permanently change, explains Gruia Novac CEO of Novaplus, the Company promoting tea brands such as Belin, Lehmann, Naurin, and Artifex. Since 1994-1995, when this market started in Romania, we have met the preferences and tastes of or clients trying to follow the developments the market claims and get our customers acquainted with the notion of fruit tea," Novac added.

Whereas, exotic fruit (pineapple, lemon, orange, etc) teas were in high demand at that time, tea drinkers choose wild berry teas, now.
Novaplus by 23.9% of the market, Fares (23%), Celmar (19.5%), Plafar (8.9%) and Unilever Group (8.2%) are the main competitors on the Romanian tea market, says the Euromonitor survey. Fares is one of the few local herbal tea providers that owns a production unit as well. The Romanian herbal and fruit tea market is very small compared to others in the region, being comparable with that of Hungary a country with a smaller number of inhabitants.
Celmar expects a turnover higher than 3 million euros in 2008, by 20% more than in 2007, when it reported a growth of 23% compared to the year before. At the same time, Fares that scored a turnover worth 7.93 million euros in 2007 expects to earn by 30% more in 2008. Novaplus that posed a turnover worth 3.68 million euros last year, expects 12.5 million euros this year.
The investments in the tea industry are not very high, mainly aimed at the production, the warehouses and the products promotion. The Company invested, over 2006-2007, more than 1 million euros in re-engineering, and new production flows to meet the EU standards, Fares brand manager Adelina Hanciu told the Business Standard. Celmar plans to invest a couple of hundreds of euros in marketing and promotion, as well as in a new hq and warehouse, Company's officials say.
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