Investments worth about 524M lei in Mintia thermoelectric plant

Over 424.8335 million lei will be invested in the equipment for sweetening burnt methane, of the 219 MW groups 1,3,5 and 6 of the thermo power station of Mintia, Deva (west), during the coming eight years, reads Decision published in the Official Gazette.
The investment will amount to 430.349 lei, during the first year, 85.871 million lei, in the second, 77.393 million in the third, 63.967 million lei in the fourth, 46.78 million lei in the fifth, 78.962 million lei in the sixth, 126 million lei in the 7th and 444.818 million lei in the eighth year.
The investments value will be updated depending on the price development, later.
The investments will be funded by money from both Minitia electricity maker and other sources.

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