Iron Gates I has produced its 205 billionth KWh

The Romanian plant of the Iron Gates I hydro-power plant has produced, on Aug.25, its 205 billionth KWh since its commissioning up to the present.
This electricity production has been obtained by the full capitalization on the Danube's water potential, even when the water flow was under the 8,700 mc/sec.
The Iron Gates I hydro-power plant is the largest dam on the Danube river and one of the largest hydro power plants in Europe. It is located on the Iron Gate gorge, between Romania and Serbia.
The project started in 1964 as a joint-venture of the Romanian – Serbian governments for the construction of a major dam on the Danube which would serve both countries. At completion in 1972 it was one of the largest hydro plants in the world with 12 units generating 2,100 MW of electricity divided equally between the two countries: 1,050 MW to Romania and 1,050 MW to Serbia.
The Romanian part of the dam was modernized and the nominal capacity of the 6 units was increased from 175 MW to 194.4 MW thus having an installed capacity of 1,166 MW and increasing the entire power generation capacity of the dam to 2,216 MW.
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