MEP Constantin Dumitriu: Romanian agriculture needs equal chances for meeting EU requirements

Romanian MEP Constantin Dumitriu (European People's Party-European Democrats/Democratic-Liberal Party) submitted on Aug. 27 32 amendments to the legislative proposals of the European Commission (EC) of modification of the Common Agricultural Policy, a press release reads.
The amendments made by Dumitriu have contributed to the development and improvement of the common agricultural policies, aimed is the promotion of energy cultures generating bio-fuel and bio-mass, the keeping of a security margin at the level of the price of pork, for sanitary and qualitative reasons.
The amendments in question show concern for the allotment of funds both for insuring the cultures and the animals, they highlight the importance of the problems agriculture is facing, because of the climate changes.
"For the better management of the agricultural field, we have considered good the make these amendments, aimed at clarifying systems of helping farmers, at the introduction of new provisions.
Now, Romania has to fill the gap separating the Romanian farmers from European farmers, who have had much time for adjustment. It is important for Romanians to have the same chances for reaching the productivity and efficiency of the farming sector in the old EU member states, " Dumitriu said.
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