Murfatlar crop, up 32% from 2007

Murfatlar Romania expects for this year a grapes crop of over 30,000 tonnes, up 32% from 2007, the company said in a press release.
Replanted are grapes with heavier clusters, resisting to drought, diseases and pests. The replanted varieties report a rise of 3,000 kg/ha in crop. The rejuvenation has taken into account red varieties, such as Feteasca Neagra, Pinot Noir and Merlot, planted on an area of 115 ha.
Investment in varieties which yield crops this year amounts to 1,710,000 euros. Murfatlar continues its programme of rejuvenation of the vineyard, with 4,100, 000 euros invested in the replanting of 335 ha of vineyard in 2007 and 2008 alone.
If the year 2007 was the year of collection wine, 2008 is the year of both quantity and quality, due to the young vineyard
Wine production stood last year at 16 million liters, and for this year, Murfatlar estimates some 21 million liters in production.
In the first seven months this year, the company posted around 72 million lei in turnover, up 31% from the same period in 2007.
Murfatlar Romania is managing some 3,000 ha, the largest area of vineyard in Romania belonging to one producer only. Murfatlar vineyards lie in south-eastern Romania, between the Danube and the Black Sea, in Dobrogea. The conditions of natural complex of the area and the varieties, in particular, resemble those in Bordeaux region, in France.

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