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Record number of planes on Danube Delta Airport in Tulcea

Danube Delta Airport in Tulcea County (south east) was sheltering over 35 airplanes on one single day, which was a record number in the airport's activity during the last four years.
The record was scored this August and there were four times more planes on the airport than in Jan 2007.

"There were charter flights bringing tourists to the Danube Delta, and all I want is that the
County's tourism associations stand by us and start saying the tourists that they can fly to the Danube Delta, now, Danube Delta airport director Constantin Albu stressed, adding that the Airport is still investing in its equipment so that it should meet the EU demands and a project as been recently lodged for attracting EU funds with a view to increasing the airport's capacity to process passengers data.
"We sent to Brussels a project to grow the airport's capacity of processing the passengers data, up to 700 people per hour, so that three big planes can land on the airport within one hour.
And this, whilst we had the lowest number of flights, only six a day, during the first months of 2008," Albu said.
The passenger terminals will be finished in two weeks, and new check-ins will be set within one month.
The Danube Delta Airport numbered 2,510 flights in 2007, by almost 1,000 more than a year before, and the number is expected to grow by at least 30%, in 2008.

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