Romanian Post opens 6 post offices in Spain in autumn

The Romanian Post National Company (CNPR) this autumn will open six post offices in five towns and cities in Spain where there are large communities of Romanians, CNPR operational executive manager Mihai Cristian Buciu told on Aug. 29."We want them to be operational on October 1, 2008 at the latest," said Buciu.The decision made by CNPR to open post offices in Spain was due, on the one hand, to the fact that, once Romania joining the EU, there are no kind of barriers for the intra-community traffic any more, and, on the other hand, to the very large number of Romanians who work in the territory of this country.
"In these areas where there are very many Romanians there is a huge potential as regards money transfer and the circulation of parcels. So far it has circulated by motor coaches. Exorbitant sums of money circulating this way," added Buciu.
In these offices they will introduce a service directly answering the requests of the Romanian communities in Spain, namely the service for the payment of bills, as they are connected to the virtual private network of CNPR.

"By means of this new service the Romanians in Spain will have the possibility to pay directly their utilities bills and the instalments to the banks that are partners of the Romanian Post as about 40% of the money sent by the Romanians living abroad is used for paying various bills for utilities and instalments to the banks," added Buciu.
Initially they will open six post offices, one in Barcelona, Valencia, Castellon and Malaga and two in Madrid but the expansion in Spain's territory will go on in the time to come.
The representative of the company added that the project would expand to Italy too by the end of 2009. In this country they are to open four post offices of CNPR at least.
Officially in each of these two countries, Spain and Italy, there are over one million Romanians, but unofficially there are much more, almost twice as much.
On August 29, Romanian Minister of Communications and Information Technology Karoly Borbely and Dan Mihai Toader, CNPR managing director, had a meeting with Romania's Consul in Castellon Liviu Popa, where they talked about aspects connected to the opening of these post offices in Spain.
According to the statistics of the National Bank of Romania, about 7-8 billion euros come to Romania every year. This is money sent by the Romanians living abroad, mainly those in Spain and Italy.
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