Romania’s population to decline 21% by 2060, according to Eurostat estimates

Romania's population will diminish 8.4%, by 2035, to 19.619 million people, and it will stand at 16.921 million in 2060, down 21% from the 21.423 million in early 2008, Eurostat data read.
The population of the European Union will rise from 495 million on Jan. 1, 2008, to 521 million in 2035, and it will decline to 506 million in 2060, said a study presented on Aug. 26 by the Statistics Office of the European Commission, Eurostat.
The annual number of births will diminish over 2008-2060, while the annual number of deaths will continue to rise. From 2015, the number of deaths will outpace that of births, so there will no longer be any population growth from that, growth can result only from migration. But, starting in 2035, migration can no longer lead to population growth, so the number of people will start decreasing in the EU, reads the study.
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