Tourist information centers to operate all after the same national regulations

The centers of tourist information in Romania will operate all after the same national regulations, set by the Ministry for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), Trade, Tourism and Liberal Trades, the ministry told.
The centers of tourist information, local or national, will be organized at level of local public authorities. Until now, they could have been managed by NGOs, private associations or local authorities.
"We have defined the organization of the tourist information centers at level of local public authorities in order to make possible a clear identification at level of county and local councils of the activity of such centers," state secretary for tourism Lucia Morariu said.
By accrediting such centers, the Ministry intends to secure the unitary operation of such service units, their adequate equipping, the training of their staff, for the centers to be highly performing.
"The role of such centers in countries with developed tourism, such as Hungary and Germany, for example, is major in supporting local and regional promotion of tourism, " Morariu also said.
The accredited tourist information centers will have to have databases and local software as part of a larger management software.

"A national network will be created, not only for the information of tourists, but also for the collection of statistical data on the movement of tourists, with a view to doing away with the classical borders in the EU," Morariu stressed.
The tourist information centers will bear a white "i" on a blue background sign, an international sign set by the World Tourism Organization. The same sign will be present on maps, on other promotion items at local, regional and national level.
A Government Decision regarding the new regulations for the organization and operation of tourist information centers was published in Romania's Official Gazette on Aug. 20, the norms regarding the activity of such centers could be implemented within 30 days since publication, said officials from the Tourism Ministry.

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