Wine market up 17% over the last year

The local wine market increased overall by 17% in the past 12 months, reads a release of the National Vine and Wine Employers Organization.
The leading five wine producers and marketers are Murfatlar Romania, Vincon Vrancea, Jidvei, Cotnari and Tohani, that account for an aggregate of some 50% of the total amount of wine trades in Romania.
The 0.7 l – 0.75 l bottled wine segment advanced 31% in this period; the brands with controlled denomination of origin, having the bottle marked by a specific hologram, account for the highest share on the segment.
The market of frothy and sparkling wines also witnesses a constant growth trend, having
advanced seven% by mid-year from the same period of 2007. The leading five producers of frothy and sparkling wines are Angelli, Zarea, Bucium, Jidvei, Halewood.
The growth of the local wine market is mainly due to the Romanians' higher purchasing power; consumption behaviors did not substantially change over the past years, with the drinkers seeking white wine to an extent of 70%. Romanian wines account for 97% of the total local market, whereas the rest of 3% is covered by wines of intra- and extra-community origin.
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