Q2 record growth in GDP shows that Romania recovered production capacity

Record advance in GDP in Q2, of 9.3%, shows that Romania has recovered its production capacity, secretary general of the Association of Businesspeople from Romania (AOAR) Cristian Parvan, told.
He believes this growth could pose a risk of overheating in the economy, but not in the way it is presented by international bodies.
"The high rise in GDP could show the overheating of the economy, but not in the way it is presented by international bodies such as Fitch. Romania has started from such a low level that it is normal for it to register high economic growth now", Parvan said.
"The orders in industry are on the rise, the pace is swift in this respect, especially in manufacturing auto components. Rises were recorded also in other branches, where re-engineering is reported, and competitive prices were reached", Parvan said.
A 9.3% advance in real terms was registered in Q2 this year, from Q2 2007, the National Statistics Institute (INS) said on Sept. 1.
INS also said GDP stood at 109.019 billion lei in current prices in Q2.
In H1, GDP reached 195.764 billion lei, 8.8% more than in the same period in 2007.

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