Basescu wants embassies to promote interests of Romanian companies

President Traian Basescu on Sept. 2 asked the members of the diplomatic corps to take such action so that they should strike a balance between the diplomatic activity and the one meant to stimulate trade and investments in favour of the Romanian society.
"In the time to come you can no longer have only diplomatic responsibilities. All of us see the extremely substantial activity taken by the ambassadors of the EU, NATO member states, of the states accredited to Bucharest without belonging to these organizations, that much of their diplomatic activity is the promotion of the countries they come from. We must say that in our embassies there are no information materials meant to promote foreign investors, potential economic partners," the Head of State told the meeting with the Romanian diplomatic corps at the Cotroceni Palace.
Basescu emphasized the necessity to also develop an "economic approach in embassies" besides a consular network. "We must strike a balance between the diplomatic activity and the activity meant to stimulate trade and investments in favour of the Romanian companies," said Basescu.
In the President’s opinion the embassies and consulates work too little for the promotion of the interests of the Romanian companies.

"When I refer to Romanian companies, I do not refer to state-owned companies. I refer to any Romanian company … running any kind of capital. We are duty bound to promote the Romanian companies, irrespective of the kind of property and I assure you that, as I am watching the progress of the consular question, this time next year I shall have positive or negative labels depending on what happens economically," said Basescu.
The Head of State informed that he would very soon ask the empowered institutions to present him a report on every country where we have ambassadors, a report referring to the level of exchanges, of the investments made by the companies of the country under consideration in Romania and to the level of the investments made by the Romanian companies in that country.
Traian Basescu said that this report would be an element of appreciation of the activity carried out by the Romanian diplomats, who must not confine themselves "strictly to the messages received for being forwarded or to the instructions received from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as regards diplomacy."
On the other hand, the President said that "the element having the most powerful reaction" must be the consular staff, not only the ambassadors.
"The consulates … must focus their attention on the promotion of the Romanian companies.
We are no longer in the stage in which we all had the aim to join the EU, to join NATO. We are in the stage in which we develop in this environment and see that all the embassies have an important economic activity meant to support the companies of the country they come from," also said President Basescu.
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