Environment Ministry to invest 20M euros in renewable energy projects

The Environment Ministry will invest over 20 million euros in renewable energy projects in 2009, to be financed by the Environment Fund, Environment and Sustainable Development Minister Atilla Korodi said during a seminar on renewable power, on Sept. 3.
"The amount is four times larger than the investments so far, and the money will be paid by the Environment Fund for renewable energy projects," Korodi stressed, adding that starting Dec. 2009, the Ministry is to draw up a guidebook for obtaining finance for building renewable power generating units on EU funds, the guide being aimed both to companies and individuals.
Likewise, Korodi pointed out that the 16 projects, concluded with 10 countries, on the implementation of environmental projects related to Kyoto protocol, and more 30 projects are underway. The Environment Fund is an economic financial instrument aimed to support and achieve the environment protection projects and programmes.

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