Turnover in industry rises 7.4% in first 7 months

Total volume of the turnover in industry (domestic and foreign market) rose 7.4% in the first seven months this year, from the same period in 2007, and 0.2% in July compared with June, data from the National Statistics Institute said.

Jan 1 – July 31, the rise in turnover in industry was supported by the industry of electricity and thermal energy, gas and water (plus 28.3%) and the processing industry (plus 5.3%), while the extractive industry declined 3.7%. The comparison is made with the same period in 2007.
On big industrial groups, the highest growth in turnover was registered in the industry of capital assets (plus 18.1%), energy industry (plus 15.1%) and the industry of intermediate assets (plus 6.1%). The industry of consumer goods reported a 2.9% fall.
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