Bucharests infrastructure increases constructors profit to 35%

The recovery of Bucharest’s infrastructure increased the profit margins of top constructors up to some 20-35%.
The most lucrative construction companies on the local market are those that managed over the past years to gain significant contracts for the recovery and modernization of the Bucharest infrastructure, considering the construction works of motorways and national roads remained in standby most of the time.
Tehnologica Radion, Delta ACM 93, Euro Construct Trading 98 or Eurovia Construct International are working at present with a net margin of profit ranging between 16% and 35%, due to solid contracts won in the capital.
Over 2004-2008, during the term-in-office of former general mayor of Bucharest, Adriean Videanu, several contracts on street recovery and tramway lines unfolded, significantly contributing to the rise in the turnovers of the main contractors, such as Tehnologica Radion, Delta ACM 93, Euro Construct Trading 98 or Eurovia Construct International, MAX Bogl (Germany) or Strabag (Austria).
One of the swiftest rises in turnover was reported by Delta ACM 93, held by businessman Florea Diaconu. The company reported last year a net profit worth 26.2 million euros, the equivalent of a margin of 17%. The company’s net profit one year ago grew six fold as against the previous year.

Among the most important contracts Delta ACM 93 had was the recovery of flyover Muncii ( a contract worth 9.4 million euros). The recovery of Obor flyover (a contract worth 9.7 million euros), the connection between Nicolae Grigorescu Boulevard- Splai Dudescu (21.1 million euros), recovery of urban roads – package 5 (10 million euros).
However, in the top of net profits in 2007, with 34.2 million euros stands Tehnologica Radion which has solidly developed over the past years, held by businessman Theodor Berna. The turnover of Tehnologica Radion increased by some 10 million euros in H1 this year as against the same period of 2007, reaching some 60 million euros.
The company aims to establish branches and participate in tnders of works in countries such as Tajikistan and Azerbaijan, not ruling out other foreign locations such as Bulgaria or the Republic of Moldova. Tehnologica Radion has 4,000 permanent employees, of which 90% are located in Bucharest’s area.
Berna said that in the upcoming years the number of construction works funded by the European Union will grow therefore the company plans to participate in the big projects of motorways and ring roads. Berna said the company is already involved in such tenders and he believes that next year the number of big infrastructure projects will go up. Because of the local elections, 2008 was poor in contracts, said Berna.
Another street administrator in Bucharest is Euro Construct Trading 98, which entered the constructions market strongly in 2005, when it won several contracts in Bucharest as well as the modernization of a section of motorway Bucharest-Pitesti (southern Romania). Subsequently, Euro Construct Trading 98 associated with Spedition UMB and PA&CO International for the construction of the section of motorway Bucharest-Ploiesti (southern Romania), a contract of over 200 million euros.

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