Electricity consumption up 4.2% over January-July

The final consumption of electricity over January-July 2008 was of 31.10-2 billion KWh, up 4.2% as against the same period of the previous year, reads the national Statistics Institute (IBNS).
Public lighting reported a rise of 10.8% and the consumption on the market grew 8.3%.
Export of electricity grew 1.305 billion KWh, respectively 67.1%.
In the same period, primary energy and electricity resources grew over the same period of the previous year by 2%, respectively 7.9%.

The main primary energy resources over January-July totaled 24.098 million tones oil equivalent (toe), up by 478,700 toe.
The internal production totaled 14.267 million toe, up 2.3% as against the same period of the previous year and imports stood at 9.831 million toe, up 17%.

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