Higher school graduates is less than 4% of the unemployed

Higher school graduates account for 3.72% of the total number of the unemployed in the records of the National Employment Agency (ANOFM), 80.14% of the unemployed are graduates of primary or secondary schools, ANOFM officials told.
The almost 4% includes also engineers, although the work market currently reports a deficit of engineers.

In end July 2008, there were 340,462 unemployed, the number was smaller than that of employers in Romania, and 91,545 of them received unemployment benefits, said ANOFM head Ionel Muscalu.
The unemployment rate stood at 3.8%, down 2.6% from Dec. 2004, when registered were 557,892 unemployed.
In H1, 22,868 people applied for training courses with ANOFM. After Romania’s EU’s entry, employed through ANOFM were over 500,000 people.
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