Human resources analyst predicts labour shortages to continue in Romania

Human resources analyst Gina Dobric, general manager of Human Capital Solutions, believes the ongoing staff shortage in Romania will continue, because there is nothing coming from behind to make up for it. Dobric also says the hardest staff to hire are construction engineers, architects and accountants, and in the future teachers, engineers, medical staff, farmers, technical staff and sales assistants will be in high demand.
She predicts the labour shortage in Romania will continue for as long as the companies investing in productive business pay the minimum wage as the base pay. “Nobody can live on so little money. The minimum industrial wage is a convention in which nobody believes,” says Dobric. Adding that the perception that nobody makes money from working in Romania is wrong, Dobric voices disappointment as she believes many Romanians choose to leave abroad because there is the idea of “you must to have all in life, quickly and now” is widely promoted in Romania.
Disagreeing with the companies which claim that potential employers are taking advantage of the labour shortage, Dobric says local employers have never been accustomed to listen to what perspective employees want, but only to what they can offer, and pay has always been a taboo.
Because job applicants could not choose, they would end up accepting the employment offers, but now they have choices, says Dobric, recommending employers to no longer wonder when their employees are spirited away while they are pursuing a pay policy at par or above par with the market average.

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