Investment worth over 250m euros in Barcanesti

The real estate project Barcanesti, stretching on an area of 101.63 ha near Ploiesti (southern Romania) will draw an investment worth over 250 million euros of Portuguese developer Plusvag, the company informs.
Starting September 2008 until 2012, a multifunctional complex will be set up in Barcanesti. The complex is to encompass a commercial center, office spaces, leisure spaces and sport grounds, as well as housing units.

The Barcanesti-based project is made in partnership with Prahova County Council. Therefore, upon the finalization of the works 33 ha of the residential complex will be under public property together with the entire network of roads and utilities.
The project Barcanesti Residential will include three-storey and eight-storey buildings, houses with all the facilities included, two kindergartens, one church and a bank, a medical center, park and lake, but also playgrounds and sport grounds.
With an area of 23.5 ha, Barcanesti Business will encompass office buildings, a 4 star hotel, parking, restaurants, conference halls, green areas and leisure spaces.Barcanesti Commercial area will cover an area of 16 ha of the overall area of the complex and entails the construction of one of Romania’s biggest malls. Its developer, Sonae Sierra, is one of the most important companies of this type in Europe, with 48 malls built so far.
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