Net average salary up 2.7% in July

The net average industrial wage in July was of 1,308 lei, up as against the previous month by 35 lei (2.7%), the National Statistical Institute reports.
The gross average wage was of 1,769 lei, up 1.8% as against the previous month.
The biggest values of the net average wage were reported in air transport field (3,214 lei) and the lowest in wood and raft processing industry, except furniture (732 lei).
The index of the real wage for July 208 over June, calculated as ratio between the index of the nominal net wage and the index of consumer prices was of 102%.
Compared to October 1990, the index of the real wage was of 124.8%, up 2.5% as against the one registered in June 2008.
Compared to July 2007, the nominal net average wage grew 25.8%. The index of the real wage over the same period of the previous year reported a rise of 15.4%

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