Public notary offices mostly authenticate real estate documents

Public notary offices mostly perform real estate acts and authenticate mortgage documents, National Union of Notaries Public in Romania (UNNPR) chairman Viorel Manescu told.
As many 249,792 real estate purchase-sale transactions were concluded over Jan-June, this year, compared to 227,235 during the same period in 2007.

As many as 520,714 purchase sale contracts were sealed in 2007 vs. 486,151, in 2006, Manescu added.
The number of the fee-exempted social documents amounted to 379,387 in 2006, to 413,657 in 2007, and to 81,077 over Jan-June 2008.
The tax on the revenues earned from real estate transfers totaled 586,254,523 lei in the first half of the year, against 495,561,376.23 lei during the same tine span in 2007.

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