Purchasing power of Romanians is one quarter higher than in 1990

The purchasing power of Romanians was this July one quarter higher than 18 years ago, read data from the National Institute of Statistics (INS). INS officials say that compared with Oct. 1990, the index of the real salary stood at 124.8%, up 2.5% from June 2008.
Compared with July 2007, the index of the real salary climbed 15.4%. The second months of this summer brought in the pockets of Romanians a net average salary of 1.308 lei, or some 366 euros, up almost 26% compared with July last year. In euros, the rise is of only 10%, because of the depreciation of the leu compared with the euro.

Bank employees continue to be leaders in point of income, their net average salary stood at 3,164 lei, or 886 euros, down 1% from the previous month. Over July 2007 – July 2008, bank employees lost almost 7% of the salary calculated in euro, last year they earned 946 euros, or 2,963 lei.
Bank employees are followed in this classification by employees from the tobacco industry, with 2,725 lei, or 763 euros, those in the oil industry, 2,681 lei, or 751 euros. Both professional segments registered a rise in the net average salary calculated in euros, in the past year, those in the tobacco industry earned a plus of 62 euros, for the oilmen, the rise was more substantial, of 152 euros.
The highest rise in July compared with the previous month, of 17.5%, was reported in the industry of means of road transport. Employees in tobacco industry earned 13.3% more than a month before. Rises higher than 10% were registered in insurance (plus 12.4%) and the oil industry (plus 11.4%).
The highest falls, of 13.9%, were posted in the industry of radio, TV industry and in communications.Employees in healthcare and social assistance earned 7.9% less than a month before, INS says.
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