Re/Max Premier picked to identify investment opportunities in Romania

Cluj-Napoca-based Re/Max Premier real estate company, the largest property development franchise in Romania, has been picked by British Obelisk International group to identify real estate projects and opportunities for sustainable investment of Obelisk Finance funds, the company reports in a press release.
Obelisk International is patronized by the Duchess of Kent, a member of the British Royal Family, and it is a business concern acting in the name of tens of thousands of private customers who seek to invest their financial resources in acquiring property on emerging markets in order to gain satisfactory return on investment rates.
The return on investment rates predicted by Obelisk International managers, computed by the Re/Max Premier partners, are put at 242% of the invested capital, taken into account an average real estate growth of just 10% a year in the next five years.
 “The Romanian property market has a very high growth potential. So it is no surprise that we want to invest here. We have looked out for a professional partner, which we have found in Re/Max,” say Obelisk International officials.
The Romanian property market is currently characterized by existing demand and rising supply, but real estate transactions are no longer conducted at the same pace as in the same period of the year before, at least not at the level of end buyers in Romania.

The phenomenon compensating for the downfall is the emergence of experienced players from mature markets operating as associations of individual investors. The first step they take is acquiring properties from nascent projects; then, they exploit the properties by hiring until the properties reaches maturity (3-5 years) and it all ends with the resale of the properties to final buyers in Romania.
The Re/Max Premier management intuited and supported the need for seeking such funds in early 2008. “We have managed to draw the attention of the largest property investment fund of the UK, Obelisk International, because of our realistic and pertinent market reports, customised analyses and by drawing to our side serious and highly competitive developers,” say the officials of the Cluj-Napoca-based company.
With the confirmation of this partnership, RE/MAX Premier has internalised new services that are providing to all interested investors, including business analysis and planning, project management, funding management, construction management and property management.
Re/Max Romania is part of the world’s best performing real estate franchise network, with average annual values of transactions per real estate agents standing at $4.5 million.
Re/Max started in the US in 1973 and has expanded worldwide ever since under an innovative franchise system. It is now operating in 65 countries and employing more than 120,000 real estate agents, being seen as the world leader in the real estate business.
Re/Max Romanai was established in late 2006. Shortly afterwards, it became the largest real estate network in Romania, with 115 agents and 25 offices. Re/Max Premier is the local office in Cluj Napoca opened by Re/Max.
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