Romanians work longest hours in EU

Romanian employees are spending at work some 41 hours and 42 minutes a week, for about 2.2 euro per hour. The full-time employees are spending at work by 2 hours more than the average in the EU 27, and by 4 hours more than the French, according to a study conducted by the European Industrial Relations Observatory (EIRO) that assesses the data from Q4 of 2007.

The labor contract stipulates that employees should spend some 40 hours per week at work, while the other Europeans leave work at least two hours earlier. According to the study, the French work less, as their labor week has 35 hours.
Though Romanians spend more time at work than other Europeans, they rank among the last in terms of paid days off. According to the data supplied by the EIRO, a Romanian employee has only 21 days of paid vacation per year, by 5 days under the European average and by 12 days less than a Swedish.
For those over 41 hours spent at work per week, a Romanian employee receives about 89 euros, some nine times less than a German, according to data supplied by the Federation of European Employers (FedEE). Though he spends less time at work, a German receives more than 800 euros per week.
In spite of the fact that in Q1 of 2008 the labor force costs went up 20%, Romania continues to be among the most attractive destinations for the foreign investors, from the perspective of the labor force costs, being exceeded only by Bulgaria, where an hour of work is paid with only 1.2 euro.
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